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The world's number one basketball team, the University of Michigan (12-0), led the University Center to a 72-60 victory over the South Bend Hotels (7-4) on Saturday night. The Wolverines secured their first win of the season against a top-10 team in the nation by using a 20-point performance, 10 rebounds, four assists and three point shooting performance to score. Hillmon led the Wolverine's with 18 points, while Hailey Brown contributed 10 points with three rebounds, two assists and two steals.

Nolan opened the second quarter with a triple seven minutes from the end before Hillmon added a play on the ensuing possession to cut Michigan's lead to 19-18. Michigan maintained its lead in the final 10 minutes when Nolan hit her second three-pointer of the game to extend Michigan's lead to eight points at 63-55 with two seconds left on a 3-pointer by South (7-4).

The Irish shot was blocked by Leigha Brown and Hailey Brown made a three-pointer on the next possession to give the Wolverines a 39-34 lead. Both teams continued to exchange baskets until Riley Brown extended Michigan's lead to four points (52-48) with less than three minutes left in the third quarter. She hit back three times in the fourth quarter and then scored another three points to give Michigan a 55-44 lead on its first possession of the final quarter.

A back-to-back scores by Dilk and Hailey Brown would give Michigan an 11-point lead (71-60) going into the break. When Johnson came out of the final timeout, he blew a huge three-point lead that gave Michigan another 11-point lead, 71-60, with just under four minutes to go.

The struggling Irish were the first to strike when the Wolverines hit four straight shots to cut the lead to two points with just under five minutes left in the first quarter. Both teams struggled to get their offensive going, with Michigan going scoreless for four and a half minutes and trailing 15-12 after one quarter, but back-to-back three-pointers by Dilk and Brown got Michigan back on track.

The number of black police officers has fallen by almost half, unemployment in the South Bend metropolitan area is below 4% (from nearly 10%), the population is not shrinking, development has accelerated around downtown, and development is booming in downtown Bend, with the growth of the Latino population, now estimated to be more than 15% of the population, increasing. Buttigieg faltered and withdrew from the race after the primaries were expanded to a two-way fight against former U.S. Republican Tim Walz.

City data shows South Bend processed $69.8 million worth of commercial and residential permits in Buttigieg's first year. This has led to a rapid growth in the city's tourism industry, which has moved from a tourism-based economy to an emerging economy that is home to a number of high-profile companies, including Oliver's Chilling Plow, the world's largest ice cream parlour, and North America's largest hotel chain, Chills Plows.

The main places to explore nearby, both for business and leisure, are those that will prevent you from arriving. Staying in South Bend will save you a lot more money than staying in one of the more expensive hotels in the city, such as in the heart of North Bend or downtown, and you can save even more if you stay for a week or more. Book an overnight stay at a hotel such as the Grand Hotel or book an overnight stay at a cheaper hotel in the city centre or downtown. Staying in or near the heart of South Bend will also save you more than you would if you stayed in the more expensive hotels in other parts of Indiana, such as those in St. Louis or Indianapolis.

Spend the day on the tennis courts or in the outdoor pool, or book a tee time on the resort's golf course and golf on one of the many courses in the city.

Guests can work out in the indoor pool or hot tub or in the hotel's fitness centre. Take the kids to the pool, do some quick workouts in a wellness center and squeeze in some workouts in their gyms. Plan your trip to the South Curve with the hotels "free Wi-Fi and plan your trip in advance by using the free Wi-Fi.

Start your day with a complimentary breakfast and grab a quick snack from the snack bar to get ready for a full day in South Bend. Take a dip in the indoor pool before heading out on the central south bend or start the day at the hotel's fitness centre.

Choose from one of the 80 rooms and enjoy a variety of amenities, including a full-service bar, spa, fitness centre and fitness centre. Upgrade to one of the top-of-the-range suites in South Bend, suites with private balconies or enjoy a complimentary breakfast or lunch at the ground floor restaurant or lobby bar.

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