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Do in South Bend, Indiana "was published in the May / June 2012 issue of the local newspaper, the Bend Post-Gazette. You may have heard it as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, but many new residents of the South Curve have a double answer - take Dyngus Day when someone first casually mentions it. If you look at the Snite Museum of Art website, you will find that it is the only museum of its kind on the south side of the city.

It may be small, but it spans three levels in the north wing of the Johnson-Burgee building. It is located on the south side of South Bend, at the corner of North Main Street and South Avenue, south of Interstate 75.

The South Bend Cubs are a fun show for kids of all ages and open Saturdays from 12 noon to 5 p.m., so you have just enough time to take a drive - in conferences at a nearby college. Located on the corner of Chapin and Thomas in South Bend, it was home to the first women's baseball league to create its own league.

Amtrak is the fastest rail link to the city of Elkhart with its train station, and you can travel free to Elkart, Mishawaka and the South Bend area every day from Monday to Friday. Take one of the many Amtrak trains in the area called the South Shore Line, and you'll pay about $15 each way.

South Bend is one of the best streets outside Chicago, so consider putting it on your itinerary. For more sights and activities on your adventure to South Bend, don't forget to request our free guide.

Visit the museum's website for more information about the South Bend Museum of Natural History and the Grand Elk that just left Elkhart. We are hosting a LIVE webcam check so visitors can see the Great Lakes National Park, Indiana State Museum and more. Visit our museum portals for a complete list of events, tours, events and guided tours of the National Museum.

South Bend is located between Chicago and Indianapolis, but the city is also located on the west side of the Great Lakes, eastward. Like Chicago Sports, the majority of residents follow teams, particularly baseball, and like Chicago's sports teams in South Bend.

I love the slogan adopted by the Bend Tourist Office and the locals: "Can you wait until Monday?," a slogan I love because it means you can extend your weekend to do other fun things, even if it's only for a few hours. The best place to walk through the city and get fresh air is the St. Joseph River, which runs through downtown South Bend. You can stroll downtown and walk from a restaurant to a riverside minor league baseball game in minutes.

I like to visit the president's libraries and museums, so it was a pleasure to see the Studebaker Museum. I could have spent two hours alone in the museum, because the collection seems to get better and better as you stroll through it.

Many of the old cars are still in working order, so you will see them all permanently every time you visit, which is a nice addition to the Museum of Automotive History in South Bend. On a recent visit, I came across a car that reflected history, nostalgia, and even his hometown. Sometimes you even get an old car and take it with you to a museum like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or the Indiana State Museum.

I did some research on the Studebaker Museum and found that it is one of the oldest museums in South Bend, and a great one at that. The History Museum takes care of them so much that they can concentrate on them like a normal person, but they also care about the history that lies behind them.

If you want to learn more about the history of Notre Dame and its football team, this is the place to do it. This museum in South Bend is located just outside the famous Notre Dame stadium, where the Fighting Irish play their home games in the fall. You won't want to miss this opportunity to explore the museum's collection of memorabilia, artifacts and even a little history itself.

Be sure to visit Chicago Imagists, which includes many of the most popular artists on the South Bend art scene, including David Hockenberry, Robert Rauschenberg, and many more, including the artist responsible for the famous "Downtown Chicago" mural on the south side of Chicago.

South Bend also has a number of parks to explore, and you can explore some of the exhibits that illuminate the cornerstones of the museums of South Bend. You can learn more about the history, history and culture of East Race Course Park and the South Phoenix light rail line that will take you from Owosso, Michigan, to Alma Michigan. Located in our city's historic architecture district, the East Race Course is surrounded by a variety of historic buildings, including the Indiana State Capitol, University of Michigan Medical Center, South Michigan University, North Michigan College of Art and Design, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, Purdue - IUPUI, IU - Bloomington and Indiana - Lafayette.

More About South Bend

More About South Bend