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Let me tell you a little secret: South Bend is a city with little money, great for foodies and full of unique gaelic dining options. Every restaurant in downtown South Bend has Notre Dame memorabilia on its walls, but the trendy, modern restaurants in South Bend are either a local favorite or a favorite of the local foodie community.

But just like the fantastic food, they also have one of the best wine and beer selections in South Bend, as well as a wide selection of craft beers.

Equally amazing is the selection of classics, including classic chicken and waffles, as well as a variety of pasta and salads. Guests can also enjoy a wide selection of wines and beers, as well as a large wine list. On their eclectic menu you can find everything from the traditional dishes to the smoked turnips I fell in love with (smoked turnips!).

Whether you need to grab a meal at lunchtime to refresh yourself or end the evening with an elegant meal in a sophisticated setting, you will find a range of delicious offers. I come back to South Bend to see a man - white water rafting course, and If you want to know more about one of my favorite restaurants in Bend, please request my free holiday guide. Although there are plenty of great restaurants in and around Bend, this guide will highlight just a few of our favorites, so give it a try!

The menu is American bistro classics, but there are also guaranteed new dishes, so there is something for everyone. LaSalle Grill prides itself on offering a wide range of local ingredients as well as some of the best food on the market. Another locally owned restaurant, Cafe Navarre, boasted of making its food all year round.

It is the only restaurant that serves on the Saint Joseph River and has passed through many stages over the years. Today the restaurant is open on weekdays from 11 am to midnight and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 am to 10 pm. It is also open to the public every weekday except weekends from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

This upscale Southern concept has been dormant since Shaw took over the kitchen at LaSalle Grill. But the former head of the restaurant's parent company has helped revive the popular comfort food by teaming up with Shaw to revive it as a restaurant in the spring of 2020.

The owners have found and furnished a historic building in downtown South Bend to create a wonderful environment that enriches the good food. The restaurant's historic features include oak columns, oak doors and a spiral staircase, which are used as parts of an ancient church.

Enjoy the most spectacular views from the riverside outdoor terrace and relax on the manicured grounds or take a stroll and enjoy the flavors of a fantastic complimentary breakfast before setting off to explore the best that South Bend has to offer. Guests can enjoy a variety of food and drinks, as well as great views of the city, and most outdoor terraces allow them to enjoy it from their chairs and tables.

If you want to spend a sophisticated and elegant evening, check out some of the best dishes on offer in South Bend, and Cafe Navarre offers them. If you go to Notre Dame one weekend in the fall and end up spending your money on dinner, why not give it to the restaurant first? Irish fans, remember to call local restaurants to order gift cards and fill up their tills in a vacuum, we will be happy to give you some recommendations. And if you would like to dine in one of these restaurants on the Saint Joseph River, we would be happy to hear from you!

Crooked Ewe is a gastronomic brewery right on the St. Joseph River, offering something for every taste and everything on its menu. Right next door we have a restaurant where the beer list is constantly updated and we will even give you a taste of some of the beers brewed in the fermenters. (Ales coming soon!). The pizza is so good that large parties eat in the restaurant or take it home. They even supply a number of other restaurants in South Bend and other parts of Indiana.

The menu offers some of the best seafood in South Bend, and includes everything from shrimp and grains to crab cakes, oysters and more. Sundays are also popular hangover brunches with a variety of brunch options, from breakfast to lunch to dinner and even brunch. Cajun cuisine is served at Chicory Cafe, where the menu highlights local ingredients such as lobster, shrimp, crab, crab, lobster, macaroni and cheese.

Cafe Navarre is a superb upscale restaurant in South Bend, which houses some of the best seafood in the area, as well as a great bar and restaurant. The East Bank Emporium Restaurant is open from 11 am to 10 pm. Open weekdays and weekends until midnight. If the game ends on a Friday, you'll see if you've made a note of the 11th hour for Saturday's game.

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More About South Bend