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HERO Sports is counting down the days until the start of the college football season. Notre Dame is a team that has finished in the top 10 in the most important national polls every season for the last 10 years. No school has produced more consensus, but there is still a general reverence for this program that is felt throughout the season and off-season, and that brings the story to its logical conclusion.

The champion now plays at Notre Dame Stadium, home of the Irish football team Fighting. The rich blue and gold underscore the most amazing place you'll ever see on a college campus. It seems as if every few meters a picnic takes place or one simply sits on a nearby bench, which invites to look in. There are no landings, no droughts and there does not seem to be a drought within a few metres.

You will wonder if you will reach a secret portal that will take you to Europe immediately and you will find that you can fall in love. Look at the church, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, everything is beautiful and has a history, you will be surprised.

The Studebaker National Museum has a collection of presidential cars, including the carriage that brought President Lincoln to kill the night (insert a joke by Mrs. Lincoln here). Notre Dame football is a year-round business, and even if Brian Kelly doesn't bring home that elusive title, he still has the program that competes every season. With Clark Lea in the quarterback position and new defensive coordinator Brandon Wimbush able to put his trust in the quarterback, we're looking forward to a great season and a good year for the team. We'll analyze the schedule for this year's game against Michigan State and the rest of the Big Ten.

A person who grew up with college football sometimes hates and sometimes reveres the Irish, but as a football program backed by the past, Notre Dame is rooted in me.

Irish fans still regard the Irish as some sort of gold standard because of the colour of their helmets. Players think touchdown Jesus is actually rooted for them, and players consider themselves the program that Notre Dame is today. I patrolled the sideline and helped make the team what it has been since 1988, the best team in college football history.

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